I am a 3D Animator and VFX Generalist with 12 years experience in various creative fields. I have lived and worked in Dubai for the last 4 years. Prior to that I lived in Cape Town, South Africa where I worked on local and international campaigns. 
My experience has seen me work and study across various creative fields including broadcast design, advertising, and more recently films and games. I have directed talented VFX teams, freelanced globally, and for the last 4 years been heading up the content department at Impact BBDO, Dubai, where I directed, wrote and conceptualised both live action and animated commercials. If that was not enough of a challenge I decided to grow my skillset and went back to school to specialise in character animation through Animation Mentor.
My skills emphasize expressive character animation, lighting and surfacing, with secondary skills focusing on rigging, modelling, fx and compositing as well as motion graphics, graphic design and video editing. I consider myself to have a strong eye for 3D appeal, and take great joy in pushing digital characters from simply functional to fully charming and expressive. 
3D Character Animation
Lighting and look dev
Motion Design
Visual Effects
Art Direction
Broadcast Design 
Infographics Design
I seek to learn what works and do more of it. Learn what doesn't and change it. 

You can get in touch at: jimboelgie@gmail.com 
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